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Splash of Summer I.jpg
Splash of Summer II.jpg
Splash of Summer III.jpg

Water color on paper

15.5 x 20  inches

#1 and  #3 available 

contact us for more details 

The Splash of Summer Series

With cadmium orange skies and lush blue-green fields, splashes of blue-violet amid the other colors, these pieces exude the energy and good vibes of a beautiful summer day. Inspiration is all around me, as horses are an integral part of my life and I was inspired to try to capture some of the fun energy horses playing during turnout can have. Keeping the sketches of the horses in a simple and more basic sketch the viewer has the ability to interpret each horse as they see it in their mind’s eye. With energy and athleticism, each horse moves across the field to take us to sunny memories or wishes of what may be. All sketches are from my own reference photos.


Bethany Goforth  is a professional artist and graphic designer who teaches Graphic Communications in 

Career Technical Education. She is a perennial exhibitor and award winner in the Michigan Education and Michigan Art 

Education Associations’ Annual Acquisitions Show creating art in a variety of mediums. Also a member of the Colored Pencil Society of America and the CPSA Detroit Chapter #104, where Bethany is an award winning colored pencil artist. Bethany is also a juried in Patron Member of Paard Verzameld Collective, an international equine art 

collective which is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She has also illustrated two published children’s books and has had her illustrations featured on several equine magazine covers. Bethany’s art hangs across the country featuring many beloved horses and pets through private commissioned portraiture. 

A life-long horse owner, exhibitor and animal lover, Bethany brings her knowledge and love of animals to her artwork. Commissioned portraits are her specialty and a limited number are accepted annually.

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